Cover Letter for Robert E. Lee, the Man For These Hard Times

We live in tumultuous times.  Many say that America is in the midst of a culture war, which sounds hyperbolic or abstract to a lot of people.

It is not so abstract now that it has come to Lexington.  We are experiencing firsthand the impact of “progressivism” on the campus of W&L with the recent, misguided efforts to erase Robert E. Lee from the university.  From renaming Lee Chapel to cancelling Founders’ Day—not to mention removing historic plaques and images of Lee (and even Traveller) throughout campus—the radical agenda of W&L’s leadership has been exposed.

Modern Maoism is real, and even W&L is not immune from this disease.

With America increasingly divided and traditional culture under assault, we need heroes whose examples of principle, virtue, and character can guide us through the storm and inspire younger generations. 

We were blessed with two such heroes in George Washington and Robert E. Lee.  Lee is in the woke crosshairs today but rest assured that George Washington is also on their list.

We are encouraged by the widespread support that The Generals Redoubt has received in the aftermath of W&L’s recent plaque-removals, and we also take heart that many others across America share our admiration for Robert E. Lee.  We are pleased to share the following article link from The American Spectator by H.W. Crocker III—the author of Robert E. Lee on Leadership—and we hope that you enjoy it:

Gib Kerr ‘85
TGR Board of Directors

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