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Dear Valued Friend,

We hope this letter finds you well and in good spirits.  As we reflect on what The Generals Redoubt is doing, we are grateful for your ongoing encouragement and support.  Our mission of empowering alumni, students, and parents in the Washington and Lee community to advance our unique history and traditions of honor and civility has gained traction as a worthy endeavor.  Though there is more work to do, we remain proud of our work thus far.

As an organization, The Generals Redoubt has remained unwavering in our commitment to upholding the cherished history, traditions and values of Washington and Lee University.  We have supported upholding the legacies of both George Washington and Robert E. Lee as the pillars of our university community, and we have stood strong against the tides of liberalism and wokeism that seek to destroy them.

To highlight our recent initiatives, TGR has co-sponsored many speakers on campus, including Matt Walsh’s talk “What Is A Woman?” and the recent forum on DEI policies in academia, debated by Carol M. Swain, PhD. and Marc Lamont Hill.  TGR is also the top supporter of the 2024 Mock Convention, bringing in speakers like Mike Pence and Bret Baier (Spring Kickoff), and more to soon be announced for the convention in February 2024.  TGR has also been instrumental in supporting other conservative groups on campus, specifically those interested in promoting an environment of free speech.

Our recent purchase of the landmark property at Fancy Hill provides us with a permanent presence near W&L that will assist us in carrying out our important mission.  After next year’s completion of extensive renovations—which will include museum-grade improvements allowing us to showcase historic memorabilia—TGR looks forward to hosting students, parents, alumni, and friends for receptions and other activities celebrating W&L’s rich traditions.

Looking forward, we ask for your continued help, both in financial support and in getting our message out to others who need to hear it.  Your financial contribution will provide support for the vital initiatives that define our mission:

  • Programming - Your contributions allow us to sponsor a wide range of programs and events to enrich the cultural awareness in our university community of a history and a legacy that is trying to be erased or minimized.
  • Mock Convention - Mock Convention is a longstanding W&L tradition that reinforces the principles of student self-governance and free speech.  We are proudly working with the Mock Con leadership team to make this convention one that allows free speech to be on prominent display.
  • Building Bridges -TGR is actively working to build rapport with friendly student organizations and parents, creating a sense of unity and collaboration within the W&L community.  Organizations such as The W&L Spectator, College Republicans, The Federalist Society, and others are examples of student organizations with which we partner regularly, and we seek to broaden our reach. As an organization made up of mostly alumni and parents, TGR seeks to strengthen ties to the current student population, supporting them in their endeavors to maintain civility and free speech on campus.
  • Communications - We are committed to keeping our esteemed alumni and parent populations informed about events in Lexington, including threats to the traditions and history of W&L that have come under increasing attack recently. Your support helps us maintain strong connections with past and present members of the W&L community.
  • Applying Pressure: We are resolute in our pursuit to apply pressure to the University administration and trustees to preserve the history, traditions, and values of Washington and Lee.

As you can see, your contribution plays a crucial role in our success.  To continue these important efforts, we kindly request your generous financial support. Your donation will make a significant impact on the future of Washington and Lee University and the values we hold dear.

The Generals Redoubt is a non-partisan 501 (c) (3) organization and your donations are tax-deductible as allowable by law. You may give in a multitude of ways, all of which can be found on our website at  Thank you for your consideration and support!


The Generals Redoubt

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