An Assessment of a Washington and Lee University Guide Campus Tour

In a Letter to The Generals Redoubt From An Anonymous Parent

Late Summer 2022

I just want you to know about my recent visit to the school.  Several of my children graduated from here and my youngest hopes to also enroll.  I’m trying to steer him elsewhere, but his heart is set on W and L as he’s visited so often and it feels like home.  We registered for an admissions tour about a month ago.  Upon registering, he was asked his preferred pronouns, and an explanation of his gender, if he cared to explain.  We had toured multiple universities already, and none of these schools asked for his pronouns. Not even Wake Forest.  We watched the admissions video, and our tour guides introduced themselves, adding their preferred pronouns.  Again, a first on our tours thus far.  

Given recent developments, we were not surprised there was no mention of the history of the school, a highlight of tours past.  We passed Traveller’s stall, and no mention of Lee’s horse or the campus shuttle named after him.  Passed the President’s house, and again no mention of Robert E. Lee having lived and died there.  Passed Lee Chapel without any acknowledgement of the building, whatsoever.  Finally, we ended the tour at Washington Hall, where our guide pointed out the windows on the front of the building.  “These are old windows, that let out the heat and let in the cold….so we added another pane of glass to seal them.  And that’s how we like to think of our University.  We kept the outside, the shell, and on the inside we’re changing and evolving.  Keeping the good and getting rid of the bad.”  I’m paraphrasing, but it was some nonsense like that.  I am disgusted by the loss of tradition, the erasure of history, and with the direction in which this school is headed.

Anyway, thought you should know how the school is being presented to prospective students.  Thanks for all your efforts. 

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