Cover Letter for Proposed $80MM Convocation Center & Institutional History Museum

The decision by W&L’s leadership to rename Lee Chapel and to build a permanent wall to hide the Recumbent Statue of Lee produced a predictably emotional reaction among alumni and supporters.  Out of sadness, shock, and anger, a host of alumni were spurred to action.

Notably, a significant number of alumni decided to redirect their bequests and annual fund contributions from the university to The Generals Redoubt.  They share our commitment to preserving the history, values, and traditions of W&L, and they’re voting with their wallets.

With the support of several large donors, The Generals Redoubt recommended to the Board of Trustees in October a proposal to raise roughly $80 million to build a new convocation center on the West Campus to accommodate large assemblies of up to 800 people.  The plan would also include the proposed Institutional History Museum in a more convenient, accessible location.  Lee Chapel would be restored to its historic role as a symbol of national reconciliation and unity.

The Generals Redoubt’s offer to work toward this constructive solution, unfortunately, has thus far been dismissed out of hand by the university.  Our hope is that the Board of Trustees will embrace our idea and overrule the administration’s ongoing efforts to erase all memory of Robert E. Lee.  See link to letter to President Dudley and his response.


Gib Kerr
Gib Kerr ‘85, Director 
The Generals Redoubt 
Preserving Our History, Assuring the Future 

Please donate to The Generals Redoubt to pay for professional research related to defending Lee Chapel as a National Historic Landmark, for future funding to educate students about the rich history and legacy of Robert E. Lee, and to help bring back diversity of thought.  As of January 1, 2023, confidential contributors have given a new matching gift that is currently at $250,000.00.  We need your help if we are to save Lee Chapel as a campus and national treasure.  Thank you in advance for your support.  Information on how to contribute is found at